Things To Know Before You Buy The Skin Care Products

Celebrities keep telling their followers how they maintain their skin with the help of this or that skincare product. They name specific brands of creams, lotions, serums, and supplements. All of them advise drinking lots of water. And this is how, they claim, their skin remains in perfect condition. The only problem is that if it was that easy, everyone would have smooth, glowing, and photogenic skin. In the real world, guzzling lots of water or using the celebrity recommended creams do not work for everyone.

Occasionally, you find some skincare product that delivers the promised result, but the result is not the same for everyone. Dermatologists have revealed why these products fail to work for everyone. Different people get a slightly different result after using the same skin care cream or lotion. It is essential to know which product or solution is most suitable for you based on your skin type, age, and body type. Drinking plenty of water helps maintain good health and supple skin, but you need to know some more information about maintaining your skin in good condition.

1. Do Not Touch Your Face with Bare Hands

As soon as you see a pimple, you are alarmed and want to squeeze it and get rid of it. Do not do that. You have dirty bacteria crawling all over your fingers. Do not touch your face with the bare fingers. Your skin is already infected or inflamed. Adding more debris, grime, and bacteria to it is only going to aggravate its condition. Squeezing the pimple when it is not ready for squeezing can worsen the skin condition. Handle this process properly as recommended by the dermatologists.

2. Applying More Skin Care Remedies to Your Skin will Not Make it Better

It is tempting to apply lots of skincare solutions at the same time. You see all those glamorized and high decibel skincare product advertisements that claim you will get glowing skin in just a few days after applying those creams and lotions. Be careful when using any such cream, lotion, mask, or oil. When you are distressed about your skin condition, you want to apply as many skin-improving products as possible. You should avoid this temptation because applying too many such items can damage your skin. You do not know how the ingredients used in each product will react when mixed with other types of ingredients. Two different chemical ingredients, when used separately, may be safe to use but not so safe when mixed together. Their properties change after being mixed with other ingredients. The new mixed substance may have high potency and can damage your skin.

3. Expensive Does Not Mean Better Skin Care Product

You will come across overly expensive creams and lotions that claim to have miraculous power of giving your skin an amazing changeover. It can be tempting to spend hundreds of dollars on such products. However, most of these products are just marketing hype. Top dermatologists agree that these skincare products do not deliver the promised results. They advise buying any such product from a drugstore. For example, the CeraVe line of products is often recommended by the dermatologists. Its skincare products are available for all types of skin.

4. Pay Attention to the SPF

All dermatologists will tell you that the skin must be protected from the harmful rays of the sun. It is recommended to apply an effective sunscreen on your skin when going outdoors during the sunny days. Pick a sunscreen lotion carefully. Check its SPF detail. Ask your dermatologist what percentage of SPF in sunscreen is suitable for your skin type. You can add a liquid luminizer, face tint or bronzer to avoid those white and ghostly spots on the skin. Proper sunscreen protection is necessary to avoid skin cancer.

5. TLC Is Needed for the D├ęcolletage and Neck As Well

D├ęcolletage is a fancy term for the area above the breasts and around the clavicle. Your skin on these areas needs as much protection as your facial skin. As per the dermatologists, the same face skin extends down to the neck, so the skin on the areas below the chin needs similar protection as the facial skin. You will find special skincare products for the skin on the neck and below. Some of these products claim to offer breast firming and lifting results, but most such claims are unproven, so buy these products after carefully reviewing their claims and researching their ingredients.

6. Any Long Skin Care Routine Should Be Reserved for the Bedtime

You are not going to get a good result if your skincare routine is reserved for the morning. Before going to bed, you can go for the cleansing, exfoliation, toning, masking, and applying night cream on the skin. In the morning, a simple moisturizer will do the job well. The skin undergoes repair overnight, so keep most of your skincare routine for the night. You can apply thick moisturizer and retinol in the evening.

7. Apply Thinnest to Thickest Skin Care Solutions

Your skin is similar to a sponge that will soak up a liquid. Apply the thinnest and liquid-like substances first. Apply any heavy moisturizer and oil only after using the water like substances, essence, and serum. The oil creates a thin impervious barrier, so applying anything after it is useless.

8. Do Not Underestimate the Importance of a Good Facial Massage

It will keep your skin looking natural, relaxed, and gorgeous. You can use accessories like a jade roller, but your fingertips are sufficient for this purpose as well. Use some oil or serum to avoid friction during the skin massage.

9. Keep Your Skin Care Products in the Fridge When It Gets Hot outside

It is a good idea to keep your skincare products in the fridge during the summer months. It helps keep those products in good condition. Your nail polish will not thicken quickly, and the facemask will give a relaxing feel when used chilled. The gels and creams do not evaporate immediately. Applying cool minty body lotion on a warm day will give you a refreshing feel.